Milk & Honey Music is a traditional Hollywood management company that is particularly steeped in A&R and Venture development.  As a boutique management company of just over 30 people, we are nimble and able to move quickly for our clients — no red tape. If we have an idea, or there is a client need — we waste no time. The results are clear, Milk & Honey not only has some of the biggest hits of the past decade across all genres, but some of these songs are in the top 10 most streamed songs of all time.

Milk & Honey are also advocates for artist and songwriter’s rights, especially as it relates to modern technology companies. We continue to be on the bleeding edge of how changes in government and the addition of new technology affect copyright and our client’s intellectual property. Given our collective experience as a global team, our clients are offered one of the greatest management experiences in the music industry. Our strong team of senior executives and day-to-day managers allows clients to get the best of both worlds and real comprehensive service.

The company has inhouse international strategy, synch licensing, digital strategy, graphics and video content, multi-genre A&R / creative, admin, touring and more services across our multiple offices.  The company is well positioned to service music clients with complex businesses where both experience, and breadth of staff with diverse skill-sets is of importance.  For many of the firm’s clients, Milk & Honey has become a one-stop for a majority of their needs to operate and grow their career.


Milk & Honey is working in every prominent genre — Pop, Alternative / Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Latin, Singer Songwriter, Electronic and Country. The company has access to a group of the strongest songwriters and record producers in the world signed to its roster and can provide unique access to key decision makers at record and management companies alike on the highest level. This not to mention countless relationships direct with major artists. There is a different reach to high-quality songs when you represent a large tranche of contemporary hit-makers. Simply stated, many prominent career artists have had hits with Milk & Honey clients along the way.

We leverage our business acumen and creative savvy to deliver top hit records to key executives and artists, and have created massive global chart success for our clients. Milk & Honey regularly helps clients secure feature artists on songs across all genres.


Milk & Honey has key relationships with major brands, alongside unique relationships with advertising agencies globally. Additionally our executives have top tier personal relationships with the digital streaming companies in each territory to make sure our client’s records are playlists and supported.

In an era of disintermediation, Milk & Honey is always ensuring their clients can communicate direct with their fans in an authentic way. Our managers are seasoned marketers and digital strategists when it comes to creating compelling content and telling a story on social media, as well as advising clients how to grow their digital platforms. Milk & honey also has top relationships with radio across multiple formats around the world, from digital to terrestrial radio. We leverage these successes to get information on what’s going on with records at radio, and to help our clients stay on the charts.


Our clients are regularly at the top of the Billboard dance charts, and have been in the top 10 on DJ Mag and 1001 Tracklists multiple times. Our clients regularly play Ultra, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, Mystery Land, Creamfields, Coachella, Lollapalooza and more.

Our executives have key relationship with agents, promoters, digital service providers, YouTube channels, record companies and other tastemakers within the genre that help us elevate our client’s careers. The company represents multiple top grossing DJs on the global top 50. This department is run out of the Los Angeles and New York offices. The company works closely with the rest of the creative team and major labels globally on remix initiatives. The managers who represent talent in the electronic space have deep relationships with influential music industry on a local level around the global. Many of our key day-to-day managers are traveling throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia on an annual basis with our clients which gives a different set of relationships and access.

TV & Film Licensing

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Milk & Honey works closely with the heads of major television networks, film studios, trailer houses, ad agencies, digital media houses and gaming companies to place music within visual media. Our Los Angeles office clears nearly 30 synchs per day across our catalog of clients. You can read more on our licensing department here.

Our international strategy is run by seasoned 30-year veteran executive, Peter Coquillard. Milk & Honey has direct consulting partnerships with major labels in foreign territories, as well as partners on the ground in China to place songs with local major label artists, and in television, film and advertising. Milk & honey has setup a robust global network to create regular opportunity for clients outside of North America. Peter also carries a wealth of relationships globally from promoters to tech companies to major music companies where we can drill into each territory with clients and have access direct to contacts where we do not need to go through traditional gate-keepers of the past. Milk & Honey has incredible relationships all throughout Latin America, Canada, Australia/NZ, and all throughout Asia. The company also works to put local features on songs to further their artist’s careers in each territory globally with a multitude of success stories.
We work with our clients to go beyond traditional representation, partnering to build intellectual property, in addition to their primary careers. The portfolio of client IP created under Milk & Honey ranges from more conventional entities like publishing companies and production companies to apps, apparel, software, lifestyle brands, video games and beyond. We believe that our clients have bigger stories to tell and we view them as entrepreneurs who deserve to build businesses of scale in addition to their day job. You can read more on our ventures here.

Milk & Honey celebrates diversity and has an incredibly diverse staff and client list. Mr. Keller has been featured on the inaugural Billboard Pride list naming him as one of the top influential LGBTQ executives in the music industry. The company hosts regular events like the annual Out To Brunch which brings together a diverse group of LGBTQ executives and talent in the music industry. Read more on Variety here.

Multiple executives at Milk & Honey are vocal about diversity and empowering the community. In 2023, the company made a move to hire Milly Petriella as the director of social responsibility. Read about Milly on Music Business Worldwide here.


Milk & Honey’s music clients have made an overwhelming dent on the global pop charts on an annual basis and continue to expand with the company averaging between 1 and 10 songs on the US and UK charts at any time. The music company’s core tenant is being great managers, with a secondary focus on developing ventures and various types of intellectual property with our clients and creating long term sustainable assets.

Today, Milk & Honey and their clients have received multiple gold and platinum awards, Billboard chart #1s, UK chart #1s, Mediabase #1s, BMI/ASCAP pop awards, BMI/ASCAP country awards, Grammys, Golden Globes, Junos, Mercurys, Arias, Ivor Novellos and Brit Awards.

Most of all, Milk & Honey’s executives lead with a perspective and vision for our clients. The best of our work is our ability to craft narrative and be story-tellers for our clients. Careers are peaks and valleys, and Milk & Honey has played such a key role in moments where pivots and reinvention were important. Not to mention, part of our strategy is to craft 24 – 36 month plans – we are not reactionary. Our clients benefit from our experience and foresight, and for years the firm has been a lynchpin in our client’s success keeping them as perennial names in the industry.