We work with our clients to go beyond traditional representation, partnering with them to build intellectual property in addition to their primary careers.

All of these companies were hand-crafted in partnership with the client, here at Milk & Honey. As managers, we’re aware of the influence and weight our clients have in the community.  We leverage their presence in the zeitgeist to get in on unique deals. 

The portfolio of client IP created under Milk & Honey ranges from more conventional entities like publishing companies, record labels and production companies, to apps, apparel, software, touring properties,  lifestyle brands, video games and beyond.

These concepts and opportunities are either presented to us from outside partners to share with our clients, and some are concepts we create and develop internally, and then seek funding and launch. Our collective relationships with North American private equity, hedge funds, family offices and capital in general run deep, which benefits our clients when the time comes to raise money needed to launch startups. 

For Milk & Honey driven companies, we launch these ventures first with our staff and then hire individual personnel specifically for these companies. 

On the heels of the company’s music venture success, Milk & Honey Ventures will expand into the sports world this year, partnering with our athletes to launch similar brands.