From the inception of the company, we’ve believed that our clients act as tremendous mentors to nascent developing talent. One of our top artists / songwriters / producers can help young talent in many ways more than the major institutional record companies or publishers can. To support this belief, we’ve partnered with our clients to launch a variety of publishing companies, some of which have sold for high multiples.

To have access to the mentorship of a top brand name producer / writer, to be able to jump the line on great sessions with real artists and to have a partner in one of the major publishers anyway – we see these companies as the most valuable proposition for a young writer or producer. Milk & Honey leverages our in house 14 person global creative staff 0to build these companies into successful catalogs and frontline businesses.

Companies like Top 5 (Kobalt), Deep Cuts (Warner Chappell), Third And Verse (Kobalt), The Orphanage Music Publishing (Reservoir), More Hits Music Publishing (Downtown), Rom Drops (Reservoir) and more call Milk & Honey home as equity partners and operators. Milk & Honey’s core business offers management services but it is very important to the leadership of the firm to create opportunities for our top clients to leverage their name and access to create long-term asset value.