Representing songwriters and producers is at the very core of what Milk & Honey does as a management company. Over the past 5 years, as the cost of capital was at an all time low with interest rates, and the arbitrage on music rights with the dawn of streaming technology. Through our role as managers, and the hard work we’ve put in with clients to build amazing global music publishing and master catalogs – we’ve become experts at selling music rights and all details related to these transactions.

The company has access to nearly 120 global buyers across mainstay major music companies, private equity, hedge funds, family offices, pension funds and beyond. Today, the company has successfully closed over 9 figures in deals. We sell both active and passive rights from pure play publishing, writer’s share of performance royalties, producer royalties, artist master royalties, masters, and sound exchange. Milk & Honey have a deep understanding of these complex transactions and are considered to be thought-leaders in the space.

In recent times, given the company’s expertise and deal-flow, Milk & Honey has opened a brokerage to assist talent in these transactions that the company does not manage. As interest rates have risen in the past year and as many in the music rights transaction world question the durability and longevity of these rights — the company still remains bullish about the space. There’s no question that with developing markets, new technology and rising subscriber-base on streaming – the value of music rights will continue to grow.

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*Milk & Honey are not investment bankers nor do they do formal valuations.  The firm works with the best companies in the music asset valuation business to determine value and shops the catalog to determine the best deal.  These items have not been determined to be securities by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).  These items have not been registered as an offering of securities with the SEC.  Milk & Honey is not registered to sell securities and is making no representations as to the buyer’s expectation of profit from the purchase of these items.   There is no guarantee that the SEC will not determine publishing or master catalogues to be non-securities in the future.