Client Noah Goldstein’s Ark Publishing in Forbes

A few years ago Grammy-winning, multi-faceted recording engineer Noah Goldstein reconnected with his industry colleague Psymun, with whom he’d briefly worked on a project for Bon Iver.

Psymun mentioned he had a meeting the following day about a publishing deal. Goldstein—who’s been at the boards for some of the decade’s biggest hits from the likes of Kanye West, Travis Scott and Drake—said he was about to launch his own publishing joint venture with Concord. He floated the idea of working together, no matter where Psymun landed with his deal.

“Psymun said, ‘Oh, cool. I’ll take the meeting, but I’m going to sign with you,’” Goldstein recalls. “And I was like, ‘I literally haven’t started the company yet. I haven’t even signed the deal.’ But if you’re serious, I’ll make sure it happens.”

Psymun was serious, and he became the first signee to Goldstein’s Ark Publishing.

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