In expansion of our rapidly growing company and services, Milk & Honey is seeking the best executives for the following positions immediately. Immersed in a nurturing, yet challenging environment, Milk & Honey ensures that self-motivated executives are provided with limitless resources and opportunities for learning and development of their careers. 

We have a firm policy that we do not hire executives who are artists or that have active creative careers on the talent side of the business.  

Salary bracket only by inquiry.  

Please do not inquire if you do not have prior experience in the music business, and preferably in these positions advertised.

Please contact us via email for more information: 

You should include:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • References
  • Which position you are interested in 
  • If you have been referred through trusted relationships
Current positions
A&R Admin

LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

Looking for an A&R admin person for the company to look after a portion of our roster’s deals.  This involves experience with producer deals, publishing, sound exchange, neighbouring rights, performing rights, union and an understanding of entertainment law and contracts.  An understanding of Uniport and major label backend accounting systems is a major plus.  This position involves processing deals from A to Z for top executives at the company so that they can focus on managing their clients.  You would be reporting into multiple executives at the company.


LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

Seeking a savvy video director and editor to work outside of our office freelance.  The job will be taking game day footage from our athletes and cutting together interesting video content for youtube channels and social media.  This involves creating multiple clips per week and fast turn around.  

This position could evolve into traveling to create content with our athletes and visiting their home towns and respective games.  Can have video camera(s) or company may buy them.  The sports agency is 100% football today – position should be someone that is a sports fan, and understands how to create action themed content.  Position could also evolve into creating content for music department client as well in time.

Creative and Research Internship


Unpaid internship available in all of our offices, college credit applies.  Only inquire if you are a full-time student by credit.  Milk & Honey has top relationships with the best colleges in America.  Many interns have gone on to work at the company full time, and we have a strong program that nurtures and grows young executive talent.

Please contact us via email for more information: