What we do


Milk & Honey Sports (built alongside the firm’s successful global music business), launched in January 2021 with 22 NFL players under representation. The company was started by veteran music manager Lucas Keller and has grown to be one of the fastest growing management companies in the music industry, Milk & Honey Sports lead by specialist agents Jacob Presser and Rawleigh Williams.

Milk & Honey Sports plans to build into other elite sports in the coming years.

Director of Football Operations

A native of Philadelphia, and an Indiana University Bloomington alum, Jake has called New York City home for the last 15 years. Presser spent 1.5 years in business development at World Wrestling Entertainment prior to earning his J.D. from New York Law School, and became a member of the New York Bar. Presser is an NFLPA certified contract advisor, who has solidified himself as a fixture in the football world. Since 2010 he’s combined his legal background, business savvy, and sports relationships to become one of the top next gen advisors. Fueled by a relentless work ethic, Jake spent more than 8 years at top agency Sportstars in New York, followed by 2 years at a boutique sports agency, before partnering with Milk & Honey to launch Milk & Honey Sports. Presser has incredible relationships within the NFL and brand worlds, but also runs a department inside a company with strong resources. His personal touch alongside the leverage this company brings make him a strong candidate for athletes everywhere.

Rawleigh has a proven track record of building strong relationships with his clients through his knowledge of the sport, and his ability to relate to each of them in a personal manner given both his background on and off the field and his connections within the football community. Rawleigh has years of experience working in athlete management after helping sign 8 clients in two years for a boutique sports agency, and working in the marketing department for the Dallas Cowboys. He is an NFLPA certified contract advisor, who understands the mindset of the modern athlete and works relentlessly to help them reach their goals. Williams brings with him strong player knowledge and an impressive football background – he played running back at the University of Arkansas, where he was named a member of the Freshman All-SEC Team, 1st-Team All-SEC as a sophomore, and led the SEC in yards in 2016. Rawleigh graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelors degree in Finance and a masters degree in Operations Management.


We are proud to have major relationships with respected college football teams across the country in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and work closely with teams from all conference divisions, including Minnesota, Maryland, Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, Alabama, South Carolina, Arkansas, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Florida State, California, SMU, Temple, East Carolina, Colorado State & James Madison to name a few.


Milk & Honey’s sport’s executives have worked tirelessly for over 13 years developing authentic personal relationships with all 32 NFL teams’ front office, coaching staffs, personnel departments and key decision makers.

By representing multiple players, scaling annually and having sustained success in numerous pillars of entertainment, Milk & Honey has significant leverage over competing agencies when it comes to negotiating brand deals.


Milk & Honey Sports, being part of a larger entertainment company, has access to every key brand executive in the world. Brand deals are not all packaged with a brand direct relationship, often it’s the advertising agencies making these deals. Multiple executives at our company have deep relationships with key decision makers at the advertising agencies in New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. Our relationships with these executives go beyond athlete endorsement and brand deals and extend into television commercials, placing music in ads, event and tour sponsorship, etc.

Milk & Honey’s ability as a company to leverage these relationships is incredibly strong for a boutique agency.


We know the importance of your digital footprint and overall media presence online. We build out players personal brands by helping create high quality and engaging content such as videos and graphics and we manage the growth of your following and interaction on all social media platforms(including verification badges.) We are able to place you in major media outlets such as YouTube channels, Podcasts and Television Shows as well as key digital and printed publications using our in-house publicity and keeping public websites such as Wikipedia up to date and optimized.


Milk & Honey has built a business of representing clients who have a desire to be entrepreneurial off the stage, out of the studio, and off the field. The firm started in traditional management representation in the music business. We partnered with artists, songwriters and record producers to build businesses – specifically in music publishing, production deals, and record companies – to harness long-term ownership of song assets. The company owns the rights to a large tranche of popular music today that you hear on the radio daily, and as a group, Milk & Honey has built big ancillary businesses and long-term asset value for our clients who own a lot of these rights alongside our firm. Milk & Honey Sports will be working with athletes to develop intellectual property. Athletes who wonder how they should spend their time in the off season, or who have an interest in being entrepreneurs during their time in the league, would all be a good fit at Milk & Honey Sports. It could be an app, an apparel brand, a spirits brand, and beyond – the company will be working with our athletes to build successful asset-based businesses. We are focused on starting today to build real enterprise wealth for our clients, beyond success as an athlete.

We are qualified to help players build companies from A to Z – from the early stages of raising money with our deep relationships with private equity and institutional capital to building the team to creating concepts and decks to launching, marketing, staffing and running a full-fledged enterprise. We believe that we can create businesses for our clients that last long after their career on the field. This is a key differentiator from other agencies in the space, and a first of its kind. You can read more on our ventures here.