IP Development

At Milk & Honey, we believe that the modern songwriter, producer, artist and athlete deserve a seat at the table, and should be respected as entrepreneurs.  We work with our clients to go beyond traditional representation, partnering with them to build intellectual property in addition to their primary careers. 

The modern entertainment industry calls for a new standard where the talent can build businesses and intellectual property of the same scale as major record companies, or sports leagues.  Milk & Honey partners with and advises our clients on how to create brands from inception to sale.  In just under a decade, the company has already helped clients sell businesses north of 10X that were created in the time the company has existed. 

From music publishing catalogs, production companies and live touring properties to apps and tech, apparel brands and beyond – Milk & Honey gets involved in the early stages of raising money, through the process of building and staffing to a scale where the companies no longer need the day to day operation of our management staff.  As managers, we’re aware of the influence and weight our clients have in the community.  We leverage their presence in the zeitgeist to get in on unique deals. 

Milk & Honey has a variety of global relationships with private equity, hedge funds, family offices and have a unique ability to identify strategic investment to get these properties funded properly.  These brands and companies cement our belief in clients that can also be  business men / women and entrepreneurs, with bigger ambitions & stories to tell beyond their day job.