Headquartered in Los Angeles, Milk & Honey works closely with the heads of major television networks, film studios, trailer houses, ad agencies, digital media houses and gaming companies to place music within visual media. We clear nearly 30 synchronization placements per day in visual media.

We’ve had end title film songs for some of the biggest films of all time, our music plays daily all over the world on television, and from the American Super Bowl ads to the UK John Lewis holiday ads — Milk & Honey is a regular contender for the most coveted spots all year. The company has a dedicated staff in both New York and Los Angeles that focuses on putting music in advertisements.

The group works with the top ad agencies as well as brand direct relationships to package music both custom and existing into some of the top ad campaigns annually. Milk & Honey thinks beyond working with just record label executives and managers – a film studio, an ad agency or a television network are all great opportunities to place our client’s songs.